Apr 20

Life is What You Make of It

Gratification is overcoming obstacles you never fathomed going after. Happiness is reflecting where you were and where you are now. A meaningful life is pushing yourself to become better than you never thought you could be.

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Mar 06

731 Days of Sober

March 5th, 2015 I was in a bad place, I wasn’t feeling myself.  This often happened from time to time.  I wasn’t happy.  I mean I was happy that I was in school, I had made an incredible life change, something that I do not regret, but  I was still reeling from all the crap …

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Feb 02

The Illusion of Happiness

I always thought one day I would be happy and everything would be OK. Doing the things society said I should do because it would bring me happiness ended up not bringing me any kind of happiness.  Why was that?  Why did the things society say would make me happy didn’t do their job?  Well …

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Sep 01

Road Trip 2016; The Plan

Between Friday Aug 19th at 2am and Saturday Aug 27th at 835am a friend and I drove 5,186.8 miles through 7 states and their beautiful countryside. It was worth every penny. Back when I started working and struck up conversations with people I had mentioned my epic trip across the West back in 2014.  I …

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Jul 05

The Unicorn

Unicorns. They are a mystical beast that is much like a horse with a single large pointed horn with a spiral that protrudes from the beast’s head.  This fascinating creature dates all the way back to the ages of the bible and before that.  What is about this mystical

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